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Articles following on from the conference

The death of the payslip

Paul MacKenzie, founder of Platinum Payroll has actually designed three payroll systems from scratch so he knows about payroll systems! At the Payroll Game Changer conference Paul said that we … Continue reading

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Preparing for an audit

Lydia Baines, HR Systems and Payroll Manager from T&G spoke at the Payroll Game Changer conference a couple of weeks ago about what you can do to prepare for an … Continue reading

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What’s on the payroll ideas wall?

We had a fantastic time at the Payroll Game Changer conference last week. This isn’t your usual conference – we discussed legislation, talked to lawyers and MBIE, focused on how … Continue reading

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Designing the best Payroll Intranet

Once upon a time, not so far in the past, there was a payroll team who designed a section on their company intranet. This payroll section was for managers and employees to … Continue reading

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Do managers do what you ask? If not, try nudging them….

Do managers always do what you ask them? Whether it’s getting their timesheets in on time, providing you with information or answering emails – do you always find there are managers … Continue reading

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Why don’t payroll & HR systems link?

One of the frustrations that can happen between a Payroll and HR team is that the Payroll and HR systems don’t link up – so it’s very hard to share … Continue reading

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Payroll systems – we’ve come a long way baby!

At the Payroll Game Changer conference last week, Anna Sefuiva took us back in time! Anna talked about when she started on payroll in the late 70’s at Rendells the … Continue reading

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