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What’s better? Being based in HR or Finance?

At the first Payroll Game Changer conference back in 2014 we had a debate about whether Payroll belongs in finance vs HR. Of course, our third panellist who argued payroll … Continue reading

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Broadening your payroll skills

We had a fantastic two days at the Payroll Game Changer Conference again last week. The focus of this conference is both on developing your technical knowledge but also growing … Continue reading

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A magic way to get people to answer your payroll emails

Over the last few years I’ve found, without fail, that if I ask someone two things in an email – they will pretty much always answer only one. NEVER BOTH!! … Continue reading

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Could payroll change the game with time sheets?

Ahh time sheets. They’re just a reactive part of the process of paying for the hours they worked. Aren’t they?? Ian Johnson, CEO of TimeFiler presented at the Payroll Game … Continue reading

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Payroll Agile – part 2

In our Agile Payroll Part 1 article, we mentioned kanban board’s. There are a number of ways that you can use these. In this part two article we look at … Continue reading

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How to get payroll agile! Part 1

Do you feel tired at the end of the day? Worried that your payroll deadlines might not be met? Not sure how you’ll get through everything? At the Payroll Game … Continue reading

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Hiring an epic Payroll person

Our Payroll Game Changer Conference kicked off with Angela Cameron and Renée Russell, from Consult Recruitment on what’s happening in the job market and how to hire an epic payroll … Continue reading

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