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The death of the payslip

Paul MacKenzie, founder of Platinum Payroll has actually designed three payroll systems from scratch so he knows about payroll systems! At the Payroll Game Changer conference Paul said that we see our own payroll but he sees pay systems across lots of different companies and wanted to inspire us to look at pay systems differently! He coaches a football team and looks at the competition and what they doing to see what he can use or learn from so he shared some trends that he sees happening across different companies.

The first trend is automation.

During the conference we found many people are still processing pay manually. Paul advised that you should be asking your system provider about what’s possible with the system? What can they automate? What can you automates? You need to check that it’s programmed correctly. Automation can also reduce fraud. Paul shared an example of a company who introduced time and attendance and the person who was speaking against automating it was actually falsifying their hours.

The next trend integration.

While interfacing is where data is transferred at one point in time, integrated systems actually talk to each other. If you are integrated you set up the security levels up at the start and then all the data feeds through. A retailer who uses Platinum Payroll feeds the POS, the sales and the backend together and can see the sales versus employee hours every hour.

The last trend is interrogation.

You must interrogate the data. In another company where somebody fell off a ladder, Paul said the payroll system actually showed the person had worked 18 days in a row. You need to make sure you are picking up issues like people being rostered on all working long hours. Interrogation of data brings up brings things to people’s attention. Auditors love it because you can show issues that you’ve identified. And in one company a manager was paying their son who never actually worked in the hours and the data reporting found it out.

Paul finished the session by holding a small funeral.  We all had to stand silently.

Who had died?

It was the paper payslip. Paul teared it up because it is dead and gone.

If your payroll systems are not automating, integrating and providing data you can interrogate then that could be curtains for your payroll system too.

Thank you to Paul for a hilarious and fascinating session. We will always remember being there at the death of the payslip.


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