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Do managers do what you ask? If not, try nudging them….

Do managers always do what you ask them?

Whether it’s getting their timesheets in on time, providing you with information or answering emails – do you always find there are managers or employees who don’t meet your deadlines? Who don’t do as you ask??

Perhaps it’s time to try nudging them instead of telling them!

What is nudge?

I’ll give you an example.

Excitingly we’ve set the dates for the Payroll Game Changer for 2017. There are two ways we could tell you about attending the Conference. We could tell that you must register if you want to get new ideas to deliver payroll efficiency and compliance and that if you don’t attend you’ll get left behind.

OR we could share some of the comments that others have made about attending like the following and then let you make your choice: The Elephant team did a brilliant job in sourcing top-notch speakers, preparing high-quality workshops and the sessions were pitched at just the right level. Really impressed and can’t wait to come along to future sessions with you guys!”

The first approach is called TELL. This is where we’ve made the decision of what you should do and are telling you. The second approach is called NUDGE. This is where we try and nudge you to want to come along!

Another example: instead of putting a sign by disabled carparks saying ‘Do not park here – disabled space’ (which research has shown doesn’t stop people parking there!) nudge is about putting up a photo of a person in a wheelchair. It makes people think ‘actually I can walk, I should park further away’. It nudges them to make the right decision. In an experiment using these signs at a US restaurant, no-one parked in the disabled spaces when the photos went up, rather than the 30 people on average a month who used to use the space even though they weren’t disabled.

In terms of using this in payroll, instead of telling a manager that they have to manage annual leave in their team, you might instead include a story in your payroll newsletter about how a manager has kept on top of their team’s annual leave. Or you might report their annual leave liability to them. Or you might measure productivity in teams who take regular holidays and share the case study.

Nudge might take a little more time to think about then just telling someone – but it also has much better results. Maybe it’s something to do some research on and then share at your next team meeting? Nudge, nudge…


The Payroll Game Changer Conference is next running in Auckland in February 2017 and will provide you with ways you can influence and lead your payroll function. For more information just click here.


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