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Why don’t payroll & HR systems link?

One of the frustrations that can happen between a Payroll and HR team is that the Payroll and HR systems don’t link up – so it’s very hard to share information.

At the Payroll Game Changer at the start of the year, experienced Payroll Manager Teuila Clifford talked about her involvement in the Workday Project at Fletcher Building and said she’d realised an important thing about systems.

Even though they are both based on employee data – they are used completely differently.

She set out what she sees the differences as:

Reading through, Payroll systems are more about producing an outcome (correct pay) and HR systems are more about providing information to make decisions. We talked about personality styles at the first Payroll Game Changer and Teuila thought that pay systems were more owl (detail focused, all about accuracy and following the correct process) and HR systems are more dove/peacock (people focused, all about information to help managers manage their teams, deal with issues and plan long term).

Just like in real life when someone who is very detail focused talks to someone who is big picture and bored by detail – conflict occurs and they often just don’t get along! You often need someone in the middle to mediate and help both sides understand each other.

Perhaps that’s what’s missing with pay & HR systems linking – someone helping see both sides, and where and how the links need to happen.

For those of you who want to move to being a Payroll Business Partner and adding value with your business – being the person that makes this link happen could be a great way of doing that.

And if you’ve had experience finding ways to work between pay & HR systems – do feel free to share any tips or learnings in the comments below!


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