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How do you deal with the curly payroll grey areas?

While my background has been in HR, I’ve always worked very closely with payroll and actually many of the issues around understanding and applying legislation apply to both HR and payroll at the same time. For example understanding annual leave and holiday pay around rostered workers – HR need to know the ins and outs when they are developing policies around how and when people can transfer their rosters, or employment agreements with how people will be paid. Payroll then need to apply this to making sure people are paid correctly.

The problem is that it’s not always easy to know how to apply the legislation when you’ve got quite curly or unique situations.

Payroll has to work in the grey areas as much as HR does – and if payroll get it wrong, then people’s pays are affected and uproar can occur!!!

So how do know the answers to applying legislation to curly scenario’s? Here are some suggestions:

  • Build a network of payroll people that you can email when you have a weird one come up, and ask them what they think. I still get occasional emails from a payroll manager who will remain nameless who I worked with years ago – who emails me to see what I think about bizarre situations she has to apply the legislation too. I love getting the emails as it keeps me on my toes about how to apply it too!!
  • Subscribe to some of the employment updates from law firms or from Thomson Brookers (Alert24 service) so you can read about recent cases where employers got it right and wrong with pay issues
  • Spend some time googling the issue – you might find that someone has written an article about it, or it’s hidden in an FAQ on a payroll or government website somewhere
  • Ask your payroll system provider if they’ve had any other clients with the same situation, and what they did about it

At the Payroll Game Changer this year, we’ve got another solution!

We’ve got two Q&A panel sessions, which are 1.5 hours each and will tackle 2 key areas of payroll. Anyone attending will be able to come along with their weird and wonderful questions and ask our panel of experts – as well as see what people in the room have done if they’ve had the same situation – and so we might finally get a proper answer!

From 9 – 10.30am we’re tackling the Holidays Act and have Gillian Service from Minter Ellison, Alan Reid who is a Labour Inspector from MBIE and Ruth Moody, Payroll Manager for Harvey Norman. Then from 11 – 12.30pm we’re hitting Redundancy & termination payments and tax issues and have the fabulous Janine Cooksley, Senior Manager, HR Services at Westpac who was brilliant on our panel last year and Catriona Knapp from Staples Rodway to come at it with an accounting hat on. 

So if you’ve got some curly ones you need answers for – then you’ve still got time to register for the Auckland conference!! Just click here.

Working  in the grey areas is hard. Make sure you have some way to find some answers. And if you’ve got any other suggestions, please do share them below!


Written by Angela Atkins, who will be MC of the Payroll Game Changer 2016.


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