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What does a real career in payroll look like?

Through my entire HR career I’ve always worked really closely with the Payroll team (whether they report to HR or finance!). I’ve also had some payroll responsibilities myself.

In the last year, since running the Payroll Game Changer conference, I’ve seen that there is a HUGE misconception out there about what a career in payroll looks like vs what it actually can be.

Here’s what many payroll people have shared with me about those misconceptions, and what I’ve heard too.

The misconception is that a career in payroll looks like this:

Payroll career

If you believe that really is the case, then you may also think that payroll just pushes a button each week and magically pays everyone!!

Actually a career in payroll is becoming much more diverse, exciting, variable and challenging. I met a Payroll Manager just last week who is also the LMS Coordinator for the business as all the employee records that go into the LMS come from payroll. It makes perfect sense! I also know many people who are in combination payroll and HR Analyst/HRIS roles or rem roles. That makes sense to me too as the skills sets are very transferable!

At the Payroll Game Changer conference in January and February 2016, we’re going to explore payroll careers, qualifications and development options in more detail, but to me, here’s a draft of what an actual career in payroll looks like now, with cross over into HR, Learning & Development and Finance (you can also imagine there are lines that go diagonally in between roles too!).

Payroll career pathsIf you’re keen to find out more, as well as being part of the most interesting 2 days in payroll for the year, then do check out the Payroll Game Changer conference to see if you can attend.

I’m really looking forward to it and hope to see you there! And afterwards, the payroll career map may end up having even more options on it!!


Angela Atkins has worked in HR and L&D for 19 years. She owns Elephant Training and HR and helps Elephant organise conferences and events. Recently she launched Management Bites International, and will be taking the Management Bites programme to Australia and the UK.

She also launched which provides technical testing in HR, Payroll, H&S and Recruitment.

She is the author of the best-selling bites books: Management Bites on how to manage a team, Employment Bites on how to put great HR in place and Training Bites on how to design learning programmes. She is currently finishing Safety Bites on how to build a safety culture in your business.



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